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My changes and comments will be in BOLD:

Originally Posted by RubberKid View Post


This set gives the best coverage while making the most of Magmortar's high SpAtk stat. Try to get a SpAtk-boosting nature that doesn't lower Speed.


Wood Hammer
Grasswhistle/Water Pulse
Ice Shard

Since Abomasnow summons a Hail Storm, it can abuse Blizzard, since Blizzard never misses in Hail. Though it is inaccurate, Grasswhistle can put opponents to sleep. If you don't like Grasswhistle's 55% accuracy, you can give it Water Pulse to hit its Fire and Rock weaknesses. Ice Shard is an Ice-type Quick Attack.


Light Screen/Thunder Wave
Signal Beam
Reflect/Power Gem

Ampharos is a Special Attacker, which means physical moves like Fire Punch won't be as effective. Singal Beam isn't bad, nor is Power Gem. Or you could give it Reflect along with Light Screen to halve all damage taken. Make sure to give Amphy the Light Clay if you go with the Screens. Alternatively, Thunder Wave can cripple a lot of Pokemon.


Air Slash

I'd give Noctowl Psychic for a secondary damaging move. It doesn't have too much of a wide movepool, so isn't the greatest attacker. I like roost here, as it can heal off Hail damage.
As far as other Pokemon, why not catch the Lapras from Union Cave? It's part Ice and also immune to damage from Abomasnow's Hail storm. That's my only other suggestion so far.

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