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    Tri Attack does literally nothing on Dodrio, because its Special, not Physical. (unless I'm missing something...) I'm actually going to keep Brave Bird, because I had to chain breed it onto him () and it does loads more damage than Fly. Once I'm done with the storyline I'm going to put Steel Wing over Fly, but for now, I could just switch to Rampardos for rock types. I don't really keep him in on them.

    Thanks, I'll try Psychic out, I just thought I wouldn't use it because Dark Pulse hits whatever it does for supereffective except for Fighting types.

    I'll try replacing Avalanche for now, because I've got another Avalanche TM, and see if this works.

    I've got more EQ TMs, but Brick Break has really been working for Electivire. I'll try it anyway.

    I replaced Night Slash with Thunder Fang, thanks for the help.

    I would try the Special Infernape set, but he has an Adamant nature, which wouldn't work in that set. I'll try mixing it up, though.