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Whatevs. I'll just do this episode. :U

Guixiang City! Facing Gymnasium Curator Heyaduo!


Well, let's go inside. Who knows what we'll find. WAIT. Gotta read the sign.

...practice what? o.o

Descriptive name is descriptive.

It's HOW HIGH! I hate heights. :O

That's kinda... Eew. Gross. Moving on...

Buddhism? So this place is full of monks? Thanks for the protip.

I thought I had seen everything. I must be wrong.

That's called being ninja.

...wait? If I go upstairs, I can become a ninja? OMG

I'm not the crazy one here, kay?

Your name looks funny.

Hello little scary vine thing with a face.

Eew. I hope it's not referring to that kind of whip >_>

Effectively you loose the ability to comprehend english! Effectively!

akljshfe hrfiauojehwr iawoer'awrjwu;'irafojwie

THAT'S a hit to key. GET IT RIGHT.

That's for you to say.

Well, I feel that much safer in here.

I need a bit of that right about now.

What the F do you want? There's so many people here that are desperate for attention.

Since when did Buddhists celebrate Thanksgiving?

After loosing some health, I have to resort to drugs to heal CROC. \o/

...pretty rainbows...

What goal? Soccer? Hockey?


Have some fun.

I've battled about a dozen of these. I'm getting a little peeved about seeing them.

No. You didn't train enough. Go train some more.

So the Presbyterian church and the Buddhists have an alliance? Since when?

I think that's supposed to say INFUSED.

Flames? Something that looks fire-type. Goody. Burn those dumb vine things.

Yes, I am trying. You're not.

wat is this game trying to tell me?

As I said earlier, ha ha.

Flame =/= water


Yes. I had to borrow that for the occasion. :U

Well, at someone has faith in me.

Apparently so, if he beat you.

This machine summons monsters? /stays away

Yes, it is.

Oh. Ok. I think I understand.

Did you hear anything that old man just said? I suppose not. u_u

To be kind to monsters, you don't admit defeat? Then why did you steal from Wusiji Dr?

*The message automatically terminated, and I never snapped the last part of the message. It should say "USE THE ROPE TO GO THROUGH THE HOLE!"
Where is the hole? I don't see one.

What the Christ there aren't any caocuns here...

Oh, YOU...

What did I find? A ? Is so very confused

That must be one strong brush.

You, old man, are full of garbage.

Oh snap! We need to... What?


The battle goes on...

Damn straight.

En! Thank you!

Ta... huh?



Oh god. That's just wrong. Can you do that another time please?

So if I use it outside of a battle, I won't get my badge? Sadness.

It's so nice to be out of there.

...I'm not the curator. Knock on the window and look inside. Duh

I'm quite confident I said no.

Why are you staring at me?

FINALLY we are here.

Ok. That's nice to know.

After healing, I head to the Gymnasium.

Who the hell is Mr. Hyt?

That makes sense. And follows what little logic this game has.

You have a serious stuttering issue.

Ya rly.

That's really cool, but I have a better story for you, bro.

Imma beat that thing.

Is that all you can say? A pathetic excuse for a cough?

Why hallo thar.

Hi Heyaduo. You're not a header. That is in a rom image. Get your facts straight. You're a leader.

Yes, they will. They are quite annoying.

So you agree with me?

The sky is rather magnificent.

You have fun with that.

Cue epic gym battle music

Yes, let's compete!

That's old news. I've beaten tons of them before.

Ok. This is srs bzns.

Hell. To. The. Yes.

moar plz.

No! I won dammit!

They become dead, and flopping on the floor birds.

Who is this... WBKUJI?

Wing Badge get!

After some machine yammer...

Machine get!

...and some talk about elfs made from mud... Wherever that came from...

I'm decided? What for?

A. Not a champion.
B. Still gonna relax because I get what I want when I want.


Where is the Qiqiao Elf Center? I've been to Jiye City and I'm in Guixiang City.

Well, better heal.


Oh, you are who the professor was referring to.

No, we haven't met. How did you know I was here?

I don't have a monster's egg, mind you. I guess I can only say yes, though.

What the f*** is that?

So, we end off here. What will we do next? Find out next episode!