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Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
Wow. You are a braver man than I, doing videos in the morning.

Also, I may have tracked down a fire stone for you. I'm doing this through hackery, rather than actually playing through, so I COULD be wrong, but I'm pretty sure there's one right as you enter Route 416 for the first time. IE: Between the seventh and eighth gyms.

EDIT: Also, Smallbirdie's walkthrough now says there's one in Victory Road. I'm pretty sure one of us is right. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's right, I have no IDEA what that item I mentioned is... a super repel.

Hex is confusing and people at gamefaqs are idiots. >.>
Lol I just have no shame. Pretty meh about waiting until Victory Road but luckily my growlithe will probably be a decent enough level to evolve there anyway.

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