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    Originally Posted by Kyo The Pro View Post
    Story and plot.
    The Ueno starters are just the Johto starters. Why would team plasma make Cyrus their leader his goals aren't even similar to theirs'. "Wait, there is that newly discovered region of Ueno!"----"he releases an army of mutant Pokemon upon Ueno, to stall the military" When in this time frame did they get a military and gyms and gym leaders

    Prof.Araragi is blurry and thats the default line so what are you showing off.
    The Bedroom is way too big.
    In the iphone screen the count is messed up.
    in the next one the tree are messed up and there's a line going through them which can probably be fixed in paint.
    The lab is to wide open and empty.

    Combined with the story and plot I see no reason to play this or anything that make it unique.

    Thing you've said
    Whats the point of making a game if your not even writing the story or contributing to it the most,and when you say spriting a little what sprites are you making or have made.
    "@Everyone who annoyed me"
    so people who offer advice or tell you you did something wrong annoy you.

    On June 25 you made the screenshots it is august 18 nothing you have shown since can really be called progress.
    @Kyo The Pro
    Stop it guys, you say the story is boring/pointless, flamemaster made it
    And did you even looked at the other games? Alot of games choose their own choice of starters, I mean. Did you even saw Pokemon XENOTIME? It has Bulbsaur, Cyndaquil, and Mudkip as starters. Sigh.
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