Thread: [Gen V] Rate My First Team? ^_^
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Originally Posted by imtimi View Post
I heart my STAB. Would replacing Gyro Ball for Spikes be sufficient? The lack of STAB and low PP for Gyro always bothered me.

I was also recommended on turning Ludicolo into a SubSeeder (newly learned competitive lingo for the win!). How about replacing Zebstrika (who twice now I've been informed just plain sucks) for Politoed, and giving Ludicolo the Rain Dish ability + Leech Seed and Substitute?

Love the ability + item combo--didn't notice Gliscor could have it. I wanted Breloom for the exact same setup, but was turned off by all of his weaknesses. Giving it Facade is also a good addition to that.

I'm updating my rearranged team now. Thanks for the help!
Nah, because Gyro Ball is at its peak power most of the time because of Ferrothorn's bad Speed. That, and Ferrothorn has little use for the flinch chance. Also, use this EV spread: Relaxed, 252 HP/48 Def/208 SDef.

It's still not a good idea to use both Surf and Scald on Ludicolo; I'd use Toxic or Protect over Surf because it's possible to have Scald burn something, inflicting more residual damage alongside Leech Seed (and Toxic if you choose to use it)

Also, it's a better idea to use the EV spreads I recommended for all your Pokemon as well as the set I suggested for Politoed.