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I very nearly forgot about this trend of increasing activity.

Speaking of which...


Obnoxiousness brought to you by Astinus liking blinky ****.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can get to the topic of this thread. We're going with something simple because my original topic was just not being worded correctly.

How long does it take you to write a one-shot/chapter? What makes certain ones easier to complete and other ones more difficult? Do you feel that people who can't complete their stories in a short length of time "hate writing" compared to people who can snap out completed projects quickly?

For me, it depends on what fandom I'm writing in and what project for said fandom. For my Pokemon fics, I'm currently balancing between editing chapters for one fic and writing new chapters for another. With the first, I can finish a chapter in a week because they're short (around seven pages for most) and mostly planned out. For the other, it takes me a while to work on them because they're not really planned out and they're longer, being nearly double the length of the first's. Plus there's more research put into writing those chapters.

For my Digimon fic, it takes maybe two weeks, and those chapters are at over twenty pages. And I just hate writing Digimon battles with all those evolutions. There's also the fact that my Digimon fic has more of an overarching plot that gets hints for it in the early chapters that make sense towards the end of the story, so I need to think more about what I'm writing.

And then for That Other Fandom, some nights I just have to stop myself from writing too much because it just doesn't end. Chapters for Current Project A are right now short, but I know that'll change as the story goes along. Current Project B is going along well enough that I'll have the first chapter done soon and I just started it last night. And the one-shots that I write for that fandom only take me a few minutes to write. Reason why these stories go so quickly? Just something about the canon that inspires me and gets me to write faster.

Though it doesn't matter what I'm writing, it's difficult to do so when a kitten is eating the pen or sitting on the keyboard.

And hell to the idea that writers who are more prolific enjoy writing more. Especially when real life gets in the way of finding long stretches of time to write, or the words just won't come out correctly. It doesn't matter.
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