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    Originally Posted by Skyy View Post
    idk if i shouldnt be double posting or if i shouldve just edited my old post but ima just wing it ( :
    this might be a little early to ask but will there be any legendary pkmn? if so, do you know which ones?
    Yup, there will be an Mystery Gift Event to obtain an item that will allow you to catch Entei in the first beta. Since the beta only covers the first arc of the story, so far he is the only one. Beta 2 is more story oriented so that's when more legendaries will be available.

    I've made huge progress on the hack with-in the last week. In fact Beta 1 is done! Right now I'm polishing it up. Beta Testers will get their copy of the hack in their PM boxes by next Friday. The beta will be out at midnight on September 5th.

    The beta ends after meeting "a special person" at the top of Ouija Temple.
    You will not be able to head north of Beacon City until Beta 2. There are 4 RTC Events planned. The Eggcellent Togepi starts September 5th and lasts until October 1st.

    Also I stated that there would be 2 more updates preceeding the Beta release. I've already written up both updates [36 screenshots in all] but I'm thinking about cancelling them to build anticipation. However I'd like to know what you all think? Let me know if you want an update or if you want to wait until the beta to find out about these two new features.

    I will probably take a few weeks off before starting work on Beta 2 but I'll still be lurking around the forums.
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