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How long does it take you to write a one-shot/chapter?
Depending on real life, other non-writing projects I'm doing, my mood, and distractions, I can do a chapter in a couple days to a couple of months. Sometimes I might go and write a few short stories quickly instead of my chaptered fic if I feel more inspired to do those instead, so that can be a factor too.

What makes certain ones easier to complete and other ones more difficult?
I already mention how I tend to write quickly with action scenes and character's FEELINGS~, but if I have to do dialogue that's when things are stalled.

Do you feel that people who can't complete their stories in a short length of time "hate writing" compared to people who can snap out completed projects quickly?

Pffffft, this is why I'm annoyed at writers that say, "hey look, I wrote this much in that short amount of time, why can't you?" Like Astinus said, sometimes the words won't come out easily and there are more important things to take care of than fanfiction writing.
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