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I'm going to say you're pending, Roserade.

I would like you to to answer these questions and comments for me. Then I'll accept you:

1. So, the "darker side of life" Chris learned about was the misfortunes that come with life, like his sickness?
2. How, exactly, did he get the scar from his sickness? What kind of special sickness causes a huge, permanent scar to appear? Explain, it needs clarification.
3. Some characteristics of Chris are conflicting and unreal. These, to be prescise:

"He will quickly put them down based on their appearance or personality." vs. "Usually, he avoids tense situations."

I could understand how these could work, as in "he will try to avoid you instantly if he doesn't like you," but the way you put them seem a bit opposing, since it makes it appear to say he will not hesitate to verbally put you down, but avoid tense situations, even though verbally putting someone down is a tense situation.

"He sticks up his friends more than anyone else." vs. "If others are in trouble, he would most likely run from the situation."

These two are extremely conflicting. Pick one or the other, and based on the rest of your personality, the latter choice seems more appropraite. A person doesn't go "I'll defend you! ....Only not! *runs away*"

I really do want to accept you in, but you just gotta clean up that personality to make more sense, mate. Do that, and you'll be a shoo-in!
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