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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    Firstly, doubles potential doesn't really matter, since I don't think many people play doubles competitively, aside from VCG.
    Doubles really isn't all that popular? I see a lot of strategy involved in it. Eh, sucks--seems like loads of fun. It also sucks because that was the focus of my entire team. ._. So! By throwing Politoed into the loop (and also now knowing planning for doubles is mute), the strategy for my entire team has changed. The whole team now revolves around Politoed and his Drizzle. I made so many changes, that, eventually, some of the original members didn't quite fit in with the game plan. Scrafty (my favorite pokemanz!) has been replaced with Toxicroak and his Dry Skin ability, Gyarados has been replaced with Starmie as the lead offensive, and Glyscor has been replaced with Quagsire and his Unaware ability, who I plan to use as a (boosted) bulky counter to Pokemon such as Cloyster, who rely heavily on their stat modifications.

    Ferrothorn, Ludicolo, and Politoed are all still here. I went with the suggested revisions on Ferrothorn, only balancing out the two defenses so they're both at 330 even. Since I've decided on keeping both Politoed and Lucidolo, also tell me what you think of how I arranged the latter, whose defenses are also evened out, being 238 each. As my primary SubSeeder (Ferrothorn being my secondary, just because I'm very fond of that strategy--thoughts?), I really didn't place much emphasis on his Sp. Attack, but with reluctant SubSeedDraining I think he'll do well. I also couldn't handle the Choice Specs on Politoed, so I gave the Choice item (scarf) to Starmie instead, who I already plan on switching back and forth frequently due to its ability. Thanks for the help, guys!