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    Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
    I think for some people sexuality is more difficult to determine than it is for others. For instance, ever heard of the Kinsey scale? It determines what sex you are most attracted to, and if you are also slightly or moderately attracted to the opposite sex. It is a rare find to have the same attraction to both men and women, most of the time their is a little or alot more attraction to one sex over the other. So Gothitelle, you may have a slight bisexual attraction? But of course it is perfectly fine to identify as straight if you'd like. But generally, anyone whom has attraction for both sexes have a lot of contemplating to do, I for one, take for granted that I am attracted to one sex, but I understand the argument that sexuality is not static for some people. Good luck; if you have any questions Gothitelle be sure to ask; there are ALWAYS people that jump into conversations to help others whom are struggling.
    Ah true, so maybe I'll identify as being straight since it's something I thought I've chosen to be :p