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  1. What was the first anime you watched?
  2. What was the first anime you watched, knowing that it was anime?
  3. What was the first anime you watched with subs?
(taken from the original 'Your First Anime?' thread by Lightning.)

Well, let me start off:

1. Pokemon, back in 2000. I was still pretty young, but from what I heard from my parents is that I used to obsess over the show. I always thought it was produced in America, then it became famous in Japan. Found out it wasn't like that a few years later when I was talking to my cousin about it XD

2. Bleach. I knew it was anime from a family friend and he introduced it to me back in 2007. He also introduced me to Naruto, which I then watched for two years or so. Started watching it online back in 2008. Same with Bleach.

3. Naruto. I remember waiting for the new episodes to come out on tailedfox (or w/e it's called) every week. Ah, good days. I then started watching a wide variety of anime after that. From then on anime played a role in my life XD

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