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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

It's just some fasion event in New York, they're just advertising it.

Oh, look;

littlelengies Vanessa Lengies
I'm covered in food! #Glee so fun :-)

msleamichele Lea Michele
We laugh so hard and have the best time together... love my fremps and I love Glee:)
6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

msleamichele Lea Michele
All I can say is that at the end of the day I feel so lucky to have to most fun job in the world. Even when we're doing crazy stuff...
6 minutes ago

msleamichele Lea Michele
Wow what an insane day at work!!! Wish I could tell you guys what we were up to but I don't want to give anything away!
7 minutes ago

You totally forgot Harry's tweet about working with Chocolate and Jello. ):

laa ~

We got the Beat by the Go Go's. Sung by Rachel
It's not unusual by Tom Jones. Sung by Blaine and the Cheerios
Parachute by Cheryl Cole. Sung by New Directions -- Solos are not known.

Above Info is Episode 1, Below is Episode 2

Some interesting information has been leaked by an extra, (Nicole round 2 anybody?) that Lindsay from the glee project is an extra for a rival glee club. Ryan Murphy stated that the winner of the glee project would get the several episodes and that the runner up would get a small part as well. Since Lindsay is the rival glee club member it's assumed that either Damian, Alex or Samuel has won iirc, since they are the only ones left.

RIB are looking for twin blonde baby girls. It's not known what for, but it's obviously Beth.

Quinn is back blonde and Shelby is back in this episode. This episode also has started filming.

TBA by TBA. Sung by Sugar
TBA by TBA. Sung by Unnamed Rival Glee Club girl (Lindsay)
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