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1. What was the first anime you watched?

Probably either Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken or Fushigi na Koala Blinky. These aired in the late 80s/early 90s on Nick Jr. dubbed as Maya the Bee and The Noozles respectively and I watched them regularly as a preschooler.

2. What was the first anime that you watched, knowing it was anime?

Pokemon. I was initially told by my parents that I wasn't allowed to watch it because it was "Japanimation", which was my first exposure to the concept of anime, even in that horribly bastardized form of the word.

3. What was the first anime you watched with subs?

Hellsing. A friend who had broadband before I did burned the series to some DVDs for me and I watched it on television. It was horrendously pixelated from high compression (pretty sure these were grabbed off of an IRC channel before bittorrent existed) and the subs would be laughably unprofessional by today's standards (unreadable fonts, terrible QC, random commentary from the subber, etc.) but the show was still mind-blastingly awesome to me the first time I watched it. It's certainly vastly overshadowed by Hellsing Ultimate now, but Logos Naki World is still one of the best anime opening themes ever.

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