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    Originally Posted by LegendOrton View Post
    Really good hack )
    Ive a question . how do i activate the mewtwo event?? ive completet every event until the pi-kahuna event but i dont know how i can activate this event, pls help
    Once you finish the Pikahuna event you need to raft east more and then south until you reach land. Their will be the trainer you see in the beginning of the first Pokemon movie with the Donphan. Once you defeat him walk south and a Dragonite will appear with the message, you must accept the invite and it will than start to rain. Once Dragonite flys away, walk east until you see the port and talk to the officials inside. Leave and walk east a couple of steps and activate the raft to go south, which will start you on your way to the island.

    Hope this helps you out.
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