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    Name: Garth Green
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Genesect
    Physical Appearance: A regular boy. His role model is Gary Oak, and so he wears his hair like the Professor. When Genesect chose him as a host, his left arm became Genesect's Photon Blaster. Also, even though his skin looks as smooth as any other person’s, it is now as hard as steel. Lastly, he inherited Genesects red eyes.
    Personality: Garth Green used to be a happy, content, and carefree kid. He would frolic amongst the flowers, play with his parents, and would spend every other moment with any pokémon he could get his hands on. He was also almost always laughing and having fun. His father, a great kidder and goofer would always make him laugh until he sobbed and gasped for breath. Of course, that was before the accident.
    Now Garth Is a serious and tense person who hardy laughs, Takes everything seriously, and never jokes. Despite having a childish fear of electricity ever since his father was killed when Garth was 5, he takes his work (see “Other”) more seriously than anything. So don't even think about joking about it around him.
    Reason for Grudge: Witnessed his father die of an extreme electrical shock to the heart while trying to create a device to merge a pokémon and its trainers minds so neither or both suffer in a pokémon battle. Garth blames himself.
    Other: He lives with his mom, and will spend most of his time in his room charting pokémon stats, abilities, and type effectiveness. His goal is to fulfill his deceased fathers dreams of being able to merge a human and pokémon's minds.
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