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I restarted Emerald a few weeks ago and I was targetting for an ending team of:

Rayquaza (Shiny)
Gligar or Sableye

Instead, I ended up with a better team

Blaziken - level 81
Flygon - level 81
Gyarados - level 80
Metagross - level 76 (still leveling it)
Salamence - level 79
I recently caught a Latios, but I am replacing it once I SR a shiny Rayquaza

Oh and I restarted Fire Red a few days ago, I am barely at Sabrina's gym in Saffron (4th badge), and this is my current team:

Venusaur - level 40
Pidgeot - level 42
Dragonaire - level 33
Jolteon - level 30
Growlithe - level 32
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