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1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow - Shelgon
Cool. Like it. At least I know how it is to be surrounded by a metal shell. It is bad that I did not got the pre-evolution since I want to experience each phase.

2. Your Pokemon Parents - Latios
How is it even possible? But kinda cool, don't like the fact that it looks stern. Ehh, at least they will be proud of me (somewhat) when I evolve.

3. Your Girl/Boy Friend - Krokorok
FUN! A moody teenager. How did we met and I guess we are not even compatible (egg group wise). Also how long are we gonna last?

4. Your Rival - Bibarel
Not too bad since I can defeat it easily when I turn into Salamance.

5. Your Best Friend - Sunkern

6. Your Pet - Sharpedo
Gonna be hard to feed him!