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    Originally Posted by MilesG170 View Post
    I say RM2K/3 just because everyone uses XP. Now, with that being said, if you find XP more enjoyable, use that. I am using XP, even though I have RM2K/3. I just find XP easier, with the kit and all. I guess it comes down to whether you want to script or event more, since 2K is so event based for everything. Come to think of it, forget my vote. Go with whichever you enjoy more. That is what my team keeps telling me.
    I enjoy them both the same.
    But, think of it this way
    RMXP = Earlier Release
    RM2k3 = A gazillion years till release.

    Player's Story:
    You play as a 15 year old child who has helped injured Pokémon since you were 5. Since then you have become a huge fan of become. So, a couple weeks back you applied to become a member of Litania Town fan club, a small but cosy fan club. Today, a letter returns saying your denied membership. Your mom blames the lack of pokémon/experience. She recomends you find Prof. Ludson the local Professor and kindly ask for a Pokémon. When going to Ludson Labs a tall blonde trainer blocks the door claiming Professor. Ludson is not in and has gone to explore the forest for some reason. Out of curiosity you follow, once entering the forest you hear a loud sound of a Regice. Further exploration you see Prof. Ludson being hassled by a man. You pick a pokéball from a bag and fight this mysterious wanderer off. As a reward Prof. Ludson gives you the Pikachu you used to help rescue him. Then you leave for your journey into the Septi Region.

    I forgot to make it so the Player faces the Rocket.
    But I'll put it in soon.

    Fully mapped the PC
    and made the Hero OW instead of using Gold XD
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