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    Name: Carlos Monta
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Appearance: Carlos is not the tallest guy on the world. His weight is about six feet and his weight about 80 kilos. But Carlos has really wide shoulders so it seems like he is some wrestler. His skin is completely black. He has medium lenght dreadlocks so he looks strange for some people. Also his hair has blue colour, because of genetic mutation and that´s weird. And Carlos has ocean blue eyes which has great effect on girls.

    He likes wearing black shorts and blue T-shirt with Pokémon League logo on it. He likes wearing sandals or slippers, but when on journey he wears sport shoes.

    History: Carlos was born to poor family living in Ecruteak city. His father was working in pokémart and wasn´t well paid, so Carlos never had newest clothes or toys like other kids had. His mother left them few weeks after Carlos was born so he didn´t knew her. Also Carlos have one older brother, Matt, who became a pokémon trainer and went on his journey a long time ago, but he never returned home.
    Carlos studied well but when he had to go to the high school, there was a problem with money, because they didn´t have much. But his father took out a loan and paid it for Carlos. At the age of seventeen Carlos decided to become a pokémon trainer, because it was his dream. He wanted to leave home and become famous.

    Personality: Carlos is a really good guy. He is honest, out-going and helpful. He likes talking with people and is adaptable to any situation, but he doesn´t like arrogant people, because when he was younger, wealthy youngsters were making fun of him. Sometimes Carlos could be a little bit headstrong and when he is taken by something he doesn´t care about the others and wants to win.
    In battle Carlos wants to win, but he retreats when he knows that opponent is stronger than him. He is very clever, so he has a lot of battling strategies everytime.
    When he was younger he was usually walking across the city and met there bunch of wild pokémon. He played with those wild creatures for his whole life and was giving them his own food everytime he visited them.

    Aspiration: Gym battler. Maybe co-ordinator sometimes, but he wants to become a gym leader.

    Choice: Tyrogue
    Pword: Glasses
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