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@CyBeastSaber - I'm looking forward to ythe rest of your SU! It's looking great so far!

@GfPavel - Eh.... this SU was a bit sub-par. First off, you forgot to add an RP Sample. Second, there wasn't really any meat to the SU. Try to be more descriptive and develop your character more. What are his motivations? What, in depth, was his past? How did that past shape him? Even though added some of the answers to these questions and more, you didn't fully dive in and paint the character for me. Third, there were quite a bit of spelling and grammar issues, which hinders understanding and doesn't put a lot of faith in me that you'll provide quality RP Posts due to lack of revision.

You're denied for now until you come back with a worthwhile SU. Sorry. :/

@King! - Yay! I can't wait for more. :3

WHICH SHOULD BE UP ALREADY. No pressure, as always. <3

And no, I know how you RP. You don't haaaave to. :3 Whiner.
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