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Fenris City
Female Rival

A confident young woman whom the main character runs into often throughout the game. She comes from a wealthy family in Fenris Island. Much like the other residents of the island, she speaks English poorly and often peppers her speech with French phrases. Alesandra set out on her journey with her heart-nosed Spoink mainly to find the cloaked man who saved her from a nasty accident when she was younger. Like the main character and Gavin, she finds herself caught up in the devious plot endangering all of Kulema.

She has no preference in Pokemon and catches what interests her.


The Ragnarof Deserts
Male Rival

A young man who sought to escape the nomadic lifestyle of the Ragnarof Deserts through a career in music. He's only looking for a purpose in life and he eventually finds one in a friendship with Diane/Apollo and Alesandra. Pokemon battling was never really his thing but he hopes to become good enough at it so that people will also pay attention to his music. His Jigglypuff accompanies him in all of his performances.

His Pokemon are all musically inclined.
The bloody blade
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