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    I just beated the first Gym in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver. My trick is to beat the gyms in the remake is that I first trained a... (victrebells first form) and then I traded it for an Onix. Also he was level 9 when he fought the gym (with others). So I had not a problem him disobaying. And by the other version I mainly used an ekans for pigioto and I used ledia (first form) for pidgey. I was lucky because pigyeotto nevger roosted and I could of lost more likly. By the new 4th gen games I used a kricketune (for Plat) but my trick there was that I waited until level 16 so that he could learn bug bite and then he could evolve. By the other version I used 1 bibarell (he can learn water gun) and by the other version I used a machop (did not need budew though).

    When I started Heart Gold I picked some starter but now I don't use them in my play throughs. I catched a Spinriak and trained him to level 10 (died immidiatly when pigiotto got a gust off (and had a critical hit which I am not sure if it mattered)), I got a Dunsparce after seaching for him for 2 hours (around there) in the Dark Cave but sadly I got the run away ability, so I traind him to level 7, I got a bellsprout which I also trained to level 7 and then traded him for an onix (in game). With those I went through the tower. I also got a ratata randomly since I would of fainted when he attacked me once more and a mareep. I also got a catapie and evolved him. Then at level 7 I traded him over to the Platinum edition because I thought that he might of helped (didn't). Also for the trade I got a ponyta which you can't get in these games (HG/SS) until you beat the Elite 4. Also when I started the game I got a mismageous level 34, turtwig level 11, chimchar level 8 and a chicorite level 9. I got them by a trade which I had on the pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum (after I restarted it). So techically I could of beaten the Gym with my mismageous. I also have another random spinriak

    By the SS I got unkowns, piplup, all Johoto starts, chatot (around level 31), hoppip (which is kinda useless now), eakans, and ledia. And yes I got 2 chicoritas. By Platinum I got a butterfree, a sinnoh starter, and a krickettune. And by the rest I have a bibarel, machop, budew and the remaining startes.

    Basicly the first gym battles are harder for me since they have higher leveled pokemons and that sometimes I do not have the right counter for it. Also I got a dark plate, fist plate and a oval egg and a happiny in HG/SS (just remembered).


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