Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: The Hard Version!
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Originally Posted by Super Red View Post
Is it possible for my Custom Trainer to be edited? If it is, can you switch Zangoose with Blastoise and Typhlosion with Sceptile? My Trainer is Pokemon Trainer Collin and he should be on Victory Road or Route 11, depending on where you chose to put him.
Yeah, that's fine just PM me the details so that when Im inputting the trainers I can just go over to my PMS and get the details, thanks and it will most probally be Victory Road.

Originally Posted by Truality View Post
As I told you once before, this is probably the best 'FR enchancement' type of hack in this Showcase. I hope you finish it and when you do, then I'll play it. (yeah, I have faith that you WILL finish this)

I have some jotted downs some ideas that could add to the story/gameplay of FR from when I was experimenting with a 386 spin-off, so let me know if you'd like me to send you them through a PM.

Best of luck with this one.
Thanks, that really does mean alot! and you're faith is correct because I do plan to finish this, I'm already upto the 4th Gym so I'm nearly half way and it's becoming popular so I do plan to carry on. Also yes please do, I'm always open to new ideas into making the game better, thank-you!