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Okay guys time for a major update. When my thread was closed I was actually planing an update, but I saw it has an opportunity to work in the underground and post one big update. The hack has gotten quite far now. Since gyms isn't the main focus of the hack it's hard to compare how for it is. But if you play throw your pokemon will average level 25, which is about 4th gym leader in firered. Also there are three big battles which I would say count as a gym leader.
so here are some new screen shots :D

Showing off Livingston city, and that triangle will be used in the story later on.

After the competition Professor layton ask you to get rid of all the thugs in Mt. Conria. this is where you fight their boss

Showing more of the mugshot hack and how key players would have different colors.

Now that you got rid of the thugs who were highjacking cargo ships professor layton was able to finish his pokedex. He places it on the floor and you can chose to take it or not. The pokedex is 100% optional. After you defeat one of the leaders you find out there is an other group of thugs in Edinburgh.

Now that your in Edingburgh you don't have to continue the story line, we can go side questing. Become a "Kiki Deliver" and earn your bike.

Showing off Edinburgh

Now back to the plot you see some gang members hanging around the edinburgh well; suspicious.

Seems to be an ordinary well, wait there's a switch!

Showing off the Dialga statue (Also you can see I placed traveling nurse joys for the bigger routes

Showing off the palkia statue
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