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    Originally Posted by Spartoi View Post
    Ok, I've tried over 10x now so I think I've earned this post.

    I'm stuck at the 7th gym leader; she's not appearing at the gym. I've searched the thread and everyone says that she appears near the entrance of Mt. Icestorm. She's not there. Maybe I already talked to her and didn't notice, so I go near the exit where she is also supposed to be. She's not there. I've searched everywhere in the cave (I even used the walkthrough walls cheat). She is not in the Mt.Icestorm (or any other Mts) and she is not at the gym. I've went North of the city and talked/battled her and she decides to quit training and do the beauty contests. :/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've already triggered the other events in the cave btw (fighting Team Steam and Kenta/rival) and I'm playing the "Complete English" version.
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