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    Most of your work is impressive, I must say. Maybe that's why what drew my attention the most was this:

    I can't help but feel weird about the mugshot. The anatomy on the hands is rather out of place and I'm guessing the one-piece dress shouldn't have different shades on the polka-dots. The face is also a bit, uh, I don't know. But it still feels eerie. Maybe the nose, maybe the smile. And I'm wondering how this happened since your other sprites are all on a greater level.
    The trainer sprite, OW and badge are all very well made, too.

    Finally, the fakedex is swell, and the only one I would say needs a lot of improvement is Carcaron. Its tail swing as well as the overall pose make it look stiff like cardboard.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. Good luck with your spriting!
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