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Sweetness, more characters.

Anyways, I have a favor to ask of Aspie, Diamond, and Cookie. When you guys are posting at any point, mention Legion at some point, be it through television or running into a few grunts. Now, allow me to explain Legion.

Legion is the third "evil" team, made from my ideas and with Aspie's permission. Legion's goals, as of now, are unclear, but their main goal is to stop the Human Alliance and Team Plazma. Unlike Team Plazma and the Human Alliance, you will see Legion working side by side with many Pokemon, but mostly Dark-types. Not saying that you won't see a grunt with a Steelix, because that could still happen.

And yes, MiB (Man in Black), is the leader of Legion and has a Darkrai... But he also has other Pokemon of the Dark-type that are extremely powerful. Are they the same levels as the Gentleman's Pokemon? No, but they are pretty dang close to them, so if your characters run into MiB, good luck and godspeed.
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