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I thought I'd get around to posting some random screens of things around the server.

That is my awesome house, and my awesome face is made of iron blocks (it's not cobble, smooth stone, it's iron blocks). That's 117 iron ingot, so almost 2 stacks of iron. Yes it's all legit, and yes I am that awesome. XD

This is a few days after we started up the new world, this Creeper took a liking to me. It'd just look at me, and not blow up. I believe Digi and Ty have a few other pics but this me taking a close up shot. I have a Yoko skin on so maybe it likes Yoko.

This is my house in Madeira (or as we call it "Old Madeira") before the world restart. Ty and Digi turned it into a duck.

This is Siggy riding a Creeper (we used to have a plugin where you could tame any mob and have them as a pet, and if you had a saddle you could ride them) high in the sky. She's waving at us because she's the flying Creeper queen or something like that. XD

After finishing the small "welcome" room for the Nether we thought we'd have a BBQ. And what's better then having a roasted pig? How about 10 lava roasted Pig-Men? XD

And here's a few shots I took while exploring Aetherea. I didn't resize these because I think these are nice shots and shows what this world is really like. And I think resized shots would take some of that away (click the pics to see the full shots).

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