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@Nideous- I did get that refence! Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, What Else? X3;

@All First Posts So Far- Loving the posts guys! here are the changes so far:

Witthoefft's Eevee "Vici" grew to Level Six!
Tyler's Pichu grew to Level Six!

Tyler (who, by the way, I have to remind that the GM decides whether or not you catch a Pokemon but I'll let this one slide since I was planning to give it to you anyway so you're off with a rememinder) caught a Pokemon!


Colorless, Lv. 4

Tackle: Colorless Type; The user throws itself at the foe.
Gust: Wind Type; The user creates a strong gust of wind and throws it at the foe, causing them to be pushed violently in the direction of the wind. Does not do damage.

Congrats, Nideous!

I look forward to everyone posting! :3
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