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    Originally Posted by KingSnivy View Post
    For those guys complaining 'bout the story, here is the one flame sent me.
    As you enter the new new region of ueno, you will see many familier faces...
    Team galactic, now have a new leader, Leon, a crazed worshipper, of Giratina, who is determined, to put the world under his feet.
    As he try's to perfect his new super weapon, the only way, which is to summon Arceus and absorb his powers, he releases an army of mutant Pokemon upon Ueno, to stall the military.
    Then he sets out to the other regions and starts killing gym leaders. After awhile, he comes back, having been spoken to by Giratina, he is determined to capture you, for you hold the key to Ueno's fate.
    In the end you will have to choose, will you join team galactic, and be a ruler of the world, or will you fight and resist, the choice is yours.
    You should have kept this story.
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