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Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
If you were going for a game freak styled map you pretty much nailed it. The only 2 things I could think of that looked out of place were the lake, which is not perfectly square, and the small tree's connecting to the large trees I don't think that tile is used.
Sorry I have not reviewed in 2 months.

As I said this is my first map for 2 months... it is a simple remake of fire red route 2. with some new tiles
(see attachment)
That looks nothing like route 2 :/ Where is the forest?

Anyways, it looks like a nice map, but the pond (or whatever it is) looks out of place, and there are no flowers. D: try to get rid of the one tile path near the bottom of the map. You could also make the ledges near the middle of the map more curved. There's really not that much I can say. Good job on the mountain shape and tree placement, though!
My map, now.

Name: Route 2
Game: FR
Comments: This is the second route of my hack. The GSC trees are headbutt trees, and the cave is a dead end cave that contains a story event.