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    Originally Posted by chrunch
    My map, now.

    Name: Route 2
    Game: FR
    Comments: This is the second route of my hack. The GSC trees are headbutt trees, and the cave is a dead end cave that contains a story event.
    Ok first impressions when I look at that map is how neat it is the tree's for example are in neat rows and columns and the and the patches of long grass are all rectangles.
    If you were going for a game freak style map it is perfect aside from the mountains which look like they have come from a more natural map.
    only other thing i can point out (and im just nit picking now is the 1 tile path in the centre of the map, I have been reading this thread for long enough now to know that gets you shouted at quite a lot...
    game freak map = 9/10
    natural map = 2/10
    depending on what you were going for

    Now on to my map:
    I no the water looks a bit iffy but I am going out in a few mins and wanted to get this map posted before I left so there was no time to work out the kinks.
    Enter from the bottom right and exit from the top centre.
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    Rumble rock is back, expect a BETA soon.