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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
You're kind of both though! Remember when we abolished name changes? You changed your mind like a million times without actually thinking about each name. xD; So they would've all been pretty impulsive choices had we actually been changing names immediately when peoples' posts went up or were altered. I can think of a few other times too, including several threads you posted before actually looking into their background. *cough*let'smakepostscountinotherclubs*cough*

:P You've gotten better in the time I've known you, though. But a couple years ago? For sure, for sure the first word that came to mind when I thought of you was impulsive. Maybe I've just been too lazy to find another word since then. XD;
Oh, pooh. How embarrassing of you to bring up the post count thing! I thought we'd have gotten past that by now. :'(

But how can I be impulsive and indecisive at the same time? It makes my brain hurt just trying to comprehend that.