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    Originally Posted by HackDeoxys
    Map Name: Canclave City (Remap)
    Base ROM: FireRed (Pokemon ShadowStone)
    Comments: This is not intended to be an exact remap.

    Ok this map is quite basic but very nearly flawless, I can only find a few flaws. first of all the path ways all vary in size they should be constant throughout the map second up is the first bridge from the bottom is incomplete I assume you meant that..? third up and perhaps the most important is that you don't have to cross a bridge to get to the other side of the map, If you have done your movement permissions right then you can walk through the tree line at the bottom of the map. Is this because you did not have the correct tiles maybe..?

    overall: 9/10
    well done, and hope some one other than us two posts here soon (=


    My map:
    (I know the house tile error waiting on some tiles)
    Again no particular purpose but I am sure I can throw it into Rumble Rock some where... sorry about spamming maps here just trying to get back into mapping (=

    see attachment
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    Rumble rock is back, expect a BETA soon.