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I... got sorted into Slytherin. How? How? HOW? ...How did that even happen? I identify with some of the things that make a Slytherin, but I identify much more with Hufflepuff even than Slytherin.

I have two other accounts, and I'm in the frame of thinking that if I get sorted into Slytherin in those two accounts as well, then this is an accurate placing and I'll come to terms and accept it, but if the other two accounts come out with a different answer (preferably Ravenclaw or Gryffindor!) then I must have made a mistake or something this time around. There are apparently a ton of questions that have a possibility of being asked that determine this.

My wand was Hawthorn, Dragon Core, 12 and a half inches, slightly springy. I wanted Phoenix Feather as my core, though. :(

There's a ridiculous question about the worst nightmare coming to life that I had and I swear, the four options were so utterly ridiculous. Anyone who's anyone would have picked the answer I picked.