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Originally Posted by Nideous View Post
1) Bulbasaur and Oddish have gender in the games. Shaymin isn't a Bulbasaur or an Oddish.
2) I'll grant you that one.

Hmm... Though the games, which are the only things that touch upon this, say Shaymin is a neuter, they say that about all legendary pokemon. So, you may be right. Either way, I'll be refering to Mynh as a he.

@Aspie: Um... That's kind of the point of gender dude. But I get what you're saying.
Earthworms are hermaphrodites they have both male and female sex organs which means that they would be classified by some as not having a gender. There is also such a thing as Asexual reproduction among some species of wasps and ants.

The above has a link that I hope you can get to.
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