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Originally Posted by Zayin View Post
Oh my, are the forums that strict? =< We're just having fun together, I don't see who would be bothered by our conversations...

I guess it's time for another question since this one doesn't seem to be pretty popular. Guys, don't hesitate to come up with new questions, because I'm not the most inspired member! lol

How would you react if it was indeed a bomb that Jessie and James placed in the Nimbasa subway tunnels? Would it bother you?
I would be very angry towards the Pokemon staff for doing such a thing to our kind hearted characters. I'm not even sure I'd be able to accept it as being canon...
I dunno... if it's a bomb it brobably wouldn't do any harm to people; just a complete tunnel collapse. Which is probably part of their big overarching plan that we have no clue about yet. I would take the bombing in stride since it would likely be used like minin dynamite. If that makes sense.
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