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    Hello you guys I've had an idea for a game for a long time now.
    Which I was intending to call Pokemon Illuminate (what do you think of the name)
    But lets start of with the plot shall we?
    You're living in the peaceful city of poketopia untill one day, when team dark attacks the city, the people of the city tries to fight them off but loses.
    you are lucky to escape with your life, (because a wild ghostabra used teleport to save you) so ghostabra is your first pokemon.
    You then find yourself travelling the realm of azeria seeking revenge on the leader of team dark Wade. And you know that if you don't stop him in time he will release the forbidden pokemon diamon into your world and after that he will be truly invincible.

    The gameplay goes like this, first of all you and ghostabra travels to the closest town (niangoro) to find everybody dead (because diamon needs souls in order to break the seal which prevents him from entering the world)
    then you meet absalion (the guardian of life) who uses his powers to resurrect and after that must return to the realm of life
    the entire town and after that you join forces with Dirk a guy who wants to help you in your quest for revenge over team dark.

    The 2 of you then travels through the valley of flames a place where dangers lurk everywhere. both in the form of team dark grunts and powerful wild pokemon.

    when You've made it through the valley of flames you will find yourself in the city of mahratio (a beautiful city) where peace exists. however not for long because Team dark attacks and are defeated partly by you and partly by the citizens of mahratio.

    next up you will receive a powerful pokemon from the mayor of mahratio for your services in conjugation with the attack of team dark.

    and your next stop is the town of buhran (a town where the citizens practice the powerful ancient rite of Salaman a powerful ancient and mysterious force)
    that your pokemon most learn + that you will also have to capture the powerful salaman goddess pokemon (magicana) and you will face your first gym leader here Rigus (who uses his Salaman pokemon against you)

    after defeating Rigus you travel to the ancient city of Kaaahn a city where you will face your second gym leader mohukto (who uses the Rock type)
    after defeating mohukto the ground will start shaking and mohukto will vanish
    and after that you will have your first encounter with diamon (who tells you that the movement of light will lose no matter what happens)

    and after that you will find yourself waking up in a hospital bed surrounded by the movement of light who tells you that no matter what you will have to capture diamon in the end and they also tell you that you're the chosen one (chosen by the light)

    now you must face the rest of the gym leaders.

    before finally making it to the ring of doom (the elite 4 in all the other games)

    after defeating the elite 4 you must face of with wade after defeating and killing wade an evil laughter will be heard and a red portal appears after you step through the portal you will find yourself in the burning legions plane.

    where you must defeat the evil trainer lakmera.

    after defeating lakmera the burning legions plane will start collapsing and ghostabra will use his powers to teleport you and dirk out of the burning legions plane.

    after that you will find yourself in the in between world where you will have to capture the Ghost god pokemon (Nialic) in order to get you and dirk out of there.

    after capturing Nialic you will find yourself in the real world again where you will have to face Diamon for the final battle.

    and here is Diamon's moves.

    Hand of flame (15 pp) the move that uses explosive firepower to do massive amounts of damage. (type fire)
    infinite power (5 pp) this move will give him infinite in all stats (thus making him relatively unbeatable) (type dark)
    Dark nova (20 pp) this move will do a massive amount of damage and especially to G and P type pokemon. (type of course dark) and the second effect is blindness of the target.
    solar flare (5 PP) this move will if it hits kill the target over 2 turns (uno hit death) by raising the temperature to 5 million degrees Celsius around the target. (type fire)

    so what do you guys think of my idea (and is it even possible to modify the games this much)
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