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    okay i am a total noob when it comes to rom hacking, and have been teaching myself as i go along. so i have a couple of questions( and please forgive me if these are answered elsewhere, i just havent been able to find them):

    i realize your program just inserts the dns and thats it, but in advance map, there are drop down menus for compatibility with this system (its not there when i load other roms, but is there when i load my hacked rom.) how do i get these menus to work with the actual seasons and time of day? i go to a season, then start editing the wild pokemon that appear in the area, and when i save, it saves them for all seasons and times of day. how do i differentiate? do i need to redo my tilesets, or do i need to completely remake every map? does anyone know what i am doing wrong?
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