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    After my most recent playing of my Platinum-Expansion-Exclusive run, I had defeated Candice, as well as the Galactic grunts and commanders at Lakes Verity and Valor. I had also finally managed to get TM Flamethrower for Fluctuate, and I taught him Sludge Bomb as well. Now I just need Dark Pulse.
    I also managed to defeat Cyrus, who I don't remember being much trouble, although I think he took two tries to defeat.
    Anyways, I want to skip Mt. Coronet/Spear Pillar and come back later, because I really want to buy seals to make my team unique.

    Decibel the Serious Gallade
    Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Double Team (to replace Double Team with a fighting move, likely Close Combat, eventually)

    Resonate the Quirky male Yanmega
    Shadow Ball, AncientPower, Detect, Double Team (I think?) (He's going to get Bug Buzz and either Air Slash or Air Cutter; I always mix them up, so I'm not sure which he learns by level)

    Fluctuate the Gentle female Houndoom
    Flamethrower, Bite, Sludge Bomb, Roar (Final moveset to include Dark Pulse and Crunch instead of Bite and Roar)

    Analyze the Modest male Tangrowth
    Mega Drain, PoisonPowder, StunSpore, Ancientpower (Moveset advice would be helpful, never used one of these before XD)

    Estimate the Naughty male Mamoswine
    Ice Shard, Avalanche, Earthquake, Double Hit (moveset fully complete! May replace Double Hit with Rock Slide or something, though)

    Roflslave the Zubat, Trollslave the Cranidos, and Lolslave 2 the Bibarel, as well as Zora the Grotle, get special mention for being HM slaves for the former 3, and for soloing the first two gyms and training up Decibel for Zora.

    Team Galactic, the Distortion World, Giratina, and Seals, here I come!
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