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    1. Yes. Within reason.
    2. It's free game.
    3. I'd recommend keeping inventory. After all you need food, drink, and other camping supplies at times. Everybody, unless you're rich XD, will start out with about 5000 Poke, or about fifty US dollars.
    4. I will determine how potent your first Purification Stones are after your Gym battle.Any others you may obtain are your choice.
    5. HEre's how Gym battles work. You send me a message of the Gym Leader's team, which can have up to six. Moves are your choice, you don't have to tell me. Pokemon levels are a couple levels higher than your current team (unless you are level 70 or something. After that, the battle and Leader is all yours. I gave a short profile of the leaders and personalities, even the old ones, so please try to keep in character. I will say in this thread what the badge is if you've earned it because a few have changed.
    6. Rarely, I will determine it but it is mostly your choice.
    7. No they aren't. Depending on the rank, they may have up to three Shadow Pokemon (and that's only if they're high up.)

    More questions?
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