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Originally Posted by lukasz_pro View Post
one more , can someone fix this ? pokedex shows location of bagon and gible in MT DRAKEN , but theres no pokes in this cave plz someone insert those pokes in this cave + deino
or tell for what pokemons gible and deino are replaced ? i must try gameshark .......

edit : one more , why theres no Hydreigon in pokedex ? wtf ?
Dude, just use the search option. The Mt.Draken thing has been brought up a million times. You're continuously flooding this thread with idiotic remarks.

Also, how to get froslass? It says ingame trade but I can't find someone who trades you a snorunt? I've searched the thread and looked on Wes's site- but there's no information about it? My presumption is that Wes just forgot to put in someone who trades you a froslass, but wanted someone to confirm this? thanks.
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