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    Doh, I should hve looked at this before I did my post. I already had Scott meet a pair of Cipher Peons and start with some potions and pokeballs. Hmm, if you want, I can edit it. If not, I'll have Scott have two potions and five pokeballs and less money to compensate for that. If the prices are different, or you just want me to have less money, let me know. I used the game prices.

    If so, here's Scott's current inventory:



    Celes (Eevee): level 10, Tackle, Sand Attack, Shadow Ball, Detect
    Cadas (Gible): level 6, Tackle, Sand Attack, Iron Head.


    Shadow Scouter
    2 potions
    5 pokeballs
    3400 Poke

    I will update and change that as need be. Sorry about that.
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