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Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
Name: Route 2
Game: FR
Comments: This is the second route of my hack. The GSC trees are headbutt trees, and the cave is a dead end cave that contains a story event.
Well, I like this map. You've imitated Game Freak style very well, and while this map has empty parts, you've added the flowers and sandy paths as decoration. Great usage of empty space. :D
I don't understand the purpose of the rightmost patch of grass, given the fact that it doesn't go anywhere. I'd suggest putting an item or event there (unless you already have). There are a few shading errors with the trees, you'll notice. And last, although this is not the Tile/Palette Rating Thread, I'd suggest making the Headbutt trees a tad lighter.

Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
My map:
(I know the house tile error waiting on some tiles)
Again no particular purpose but I am sure I can throw it into Rumble Rock some where... sorry about spamming maps here just trying to get back into mapping (=

see attachment
Well, this is another good map. Unlike the map above, which is mapped in Game Freak style, this one has a natural feel, which I like. The only major problem is the massive amount of tall grass in this map. I mean, most routes have at most maybe five large patches of tall grass. Yours has twenty-four. There. Is. Too. Much. Tall. Grass. Besides that, there's a overlaps error on two of the trees in the top right corner.

Originally Posted by SK3 View Post
Map Name: 1st Floor of Players House
Base: Fire Red
Game: Pokemon Daydream White/Nightmare Black
Comment: This is my second time doing an indoor map, not really good at it but tried by best.
Funny, this has got to be the first indoor map I've seen on this thread. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any real standard of what makes a good indoor map. In my opinion, this is a good map.