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    Awesome Hack...just beat the Zhery league and am currently overhauling some of my team.

    Couple of suggestions if I may:

    -Think the Blitzle evolutionary line should be given Flame Wheel, since it's the closest thing to Flame Charge in Gen III. Would also love to see Volt tackle added.

    -Consider adding egg moves to a Pokemon's moveset. For example, every time I've raised a Dragonite, I'd go find the move-relearner and teach it Ice Punch (HG/SS). I'm not saying add all the moves, but add the popular ones

    -Last thing would be Team Steam battles...variety is needed. Had a run where I fought the same team 8 straight battles (Glameow, Purrugly x2 in Secret Base)

    -And the last thing...Full Pokedex. I'd love to know moves my Pokes will learn ahead of time

    Again, awesome hack and keep up the good work
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