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    Ep7: Snorlax Fights and Party Spot Choices

    In this episode we fight some Snorlax, get a surprise appearance from an internet meme, and choose our next party member.

    The Nyan Cat and Nyan song were put in the video by ME for comedic effect. The only nyan thing REALLY in the game at the nyan part is the sign that says "Nyan Point".


    Ep8: Team Steam is Burning Down the Town! Also NEW PARTY MEMBER!

    Scizor isn't applicable because it suffers from the "disobeying because I don't have badges" glitch even though I have badges. Sorry Scizor fans.

    In this episode we finish the swamp part and thwart Team Steam's vicious plot! Also NEW PARTY MEMBER.

    Pokemon Quartz LP:

    Voice Acted Apollo Justice LP: