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    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    You've got some conflicting graphics. Your trees and that weird barrier? They've both got outlines, but the house doesn't.

    And I just realised why I don't your character overworld sprite. He's standing there with his arms held out. Do you know how painful that gets after a while? It's just unrealistic. That house looks nicely set up though, with the path there and the trees surrounding it.

    I just really really hate looking at that character, and you need to decide on the one style of graphics for everything, I think.
    I'm using B/W Graphics. In the game some of the trees (naming the one I've picked) have an outline. But the houses don't, as well as various other scenary in game.

    As for Red, I did base him of off Hilbert, so hilbert had the bag under his arms, But I will change it ;D

    And I'm using one style of graphics which is B/W Custom.
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