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Another Update

Got Passed Seafoam Isles
Trained A LOT!(Took Almost 2 Hours for Tenta to get to Lv.42)
Beat Blaine(Tenta Helped A LOT!)

Venus the Venusaur Lv.41 Moves: Vine Whip, Cut, Body Slam, Solar Beam
Golbatty the Golbat Lv.41 Moves: Bite, Razor Wind, Confuse Ray, Mega Drain
Primape the Primeape Lv.40 Moves: Skull Bash, Karate Chop, ThunderBolt, Rest
Geo the Pidgeot Lv.40 Moves: Wing Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Fly
Charbok the Arbok Lv.40 Moves: Toxic, Earthquake, Strength, Bite
Tenta the Tentacruel Lv.42 Moves: Water Gun, SuperSonic, Blizzard, Surf

Current Location: Cinnabar Isle
Going to: Viridian City
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